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About Hickmet Fine Arts

Hickmet Fine Arts


Established in 1936 Hickmet Fine Arts is in its third generation continuing to offer our expertise in the acquisition of original and authentic antique Sculpture, Art Glass and Period Furniture to our discerning clients.

For over 25 years Hickmet Fine Arts operated its retail business from a large estate and gallery close to Gatwick Airport. This property was sold to developers in 1996 since when the Company has been active exhibiting the finest Antique European Sculpture and Art Glass at major Antiques Fairs in both the United Kingdom and the USA. In addition we are also pleased to present our stock of Sculpture, Art Glass, Works of Art and Furniture in our main showrooms at:

Gallery Eighty Five, 85 Portobello Road, London W11 2QB

Latest items


Two Greyhounds

A fabulous Art Deco cold painted bronze group of two standing greyhound dogs with excellent hand chased detail and fine rich green patina, raised on an oval gre...



The Laundry

A very fine hand carved ivory okimono modelled as a young mother doing her laundry whilst her child carries a basket of laundry; the ivory with good detail and ...



Leaping Fish

A very fine Art Deco study of a leaping fish with good silvered surface with good hand chased surface detail in a naturlistic manner adding to the strength and ...




An excellent early 20th Century cold painted bronze study of a standing Kangaroo with very fine hand chased surface detail and good ntauralistic colour, signed ...




A very fine late 19th Century French bronze bust of an attractive classical maiden modelled in the Art Nouveau style, with fabulous variegating green,brown and ...




An endearing early 20th Century opalescent glass group of two lovebirds perched on a branch nestling into one another with excellent colour and very fine hand f...



Frilly Dancer

A striking early 20th Century cold painted bronze and hand carved ivory figure of an Art Deco dancer dressed in a frilly skirt holding an energetic pose with ex...



Swan Lake

A delightful cameo glass vase delicately etched and enamel painted with swans swimming on a lake surrounded by snow laden reefs and trees. Exhibiting excellent ...



Celuy Qui Fut Pris

An intriguing and romantic silvered and gilt bronze group of a young knight in full armour carrying his beloved naked upon his shield as she lifts his visor del...

Jaeger gilt bronze signed


Le Voyeur

An amusing early 20th Century gilt bronze group of a young man in 18th Century attire, cheekily lifting the hem of a lady's skirt as he peers downwards and she ...



Turning Arab

A very well modelled study of an Arab horse in full motion turning to his right, the bronze with good rich brown colour and fine hand chased detail, raised on a...

Carvin bronze pig and ducks


Pig with Ducks

A delightful early 20th Century French bronze group that depicts a charismatic seated pig and two ducks about to take flight. This fine bronze has a rich brown ...

Bergman bronze turkey


Standing Turkey

A striking early 20th Century cold painted bronze figure of a standing turkey with superb naturalistic colour and excellent hand finished surface detail. Signed...




An excellent hand carved ivory figure of a Chinese Deity dressed in a draping tunic holding an inscense burner upon her shoulder with very intricate detail, rai...



Boat of Good Fortune

A dramatic and impresiive large scale ivory 'Boat of Good Fortune', the hull modelled in sectional ivory with seven figures aboard with excellent hand carved de...



Datura Vase

A striking early 20th Century Art Deco cameo glass vase etched with a vibrant deep red and orange flowering motif against a yellow field with excellent colour a...



Silvered Blue Vase

An excellent deep blue Art Nouveau glass vase with petrol blue iridescent finish and applied with an Art Nouveau motif silver overlay and wavered silvered rim. ...



Actinia Vase

An inspiring Art Deco glass vase by the master craftsman of the period, the swirling fronds circle the vase exhibiting deep sky blue opalescence on an impressiv...




A dramatic early 20th Century French opalescent glass salver with geometric circular fish head design amongst bubbles, exhibiting excellent eye catching colour ...



Floral Vase

A very fine late 19th Century cameo glass vase decorated with green and orange flowers against a pale yellow field exhibiting excellent colour and detail, signe...



Fire and Ice

A spectacular and particularly rare cameo glass vase etched and enamelled with a vivid three dimensional snowy landscape against a deep red winter's skyline, et...



Winter Trumpet Vase

A highly impressive late 19th Century French cameo glass vase of trumpet form etched and enamelled with a spectacular winter landscape scene decorated around th...



Flowering Souffle Vase

An exceptionally eye catching and rare early 20th Century French cameo glass vase with a wonderfully decorative acid cut and applied beautiful mould blown flowe...



Galle Cameo Butterfly Vase

A stunning late 19th Century French cameo glass vase decorated with both blue and green floral design, enhanced with butterflies acid cut against a mint backgro...



Marly Horses

A partcularly fine pair of mid 19th C French bronze reductions of the famous pair of horses restrained by grooms, known as The Marly Horses by Guillaume Coustou...



Lapin Assis

An endearing 19th Century bronze study of a seated rabbit with excellent hand chased surface detail and rich brown lightly worn to golden colour, signed Pautrot...



Taureau Debout

An impressive mid 19th Century French bronze study of a proud standing bull with excellent surface detail and rich brown patina. Raised on an integral naturalis...



Dancer with Snake

An impressive early 20th Century Austrian cold painted bronze study of a young Oriental beauty dancing with a snake coiled around her arms, with excellent detai...



Erotic Egyptian Diety

An amusing and erotic 19th Century Vienna bronze figure of a cold painted ancient Egyptian seated deity that is hinged and opens to reveal a naked beauty seated...