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Georg Jensen silver knife rests

Set of six acorn pattern silver knife rests, 1930-1940 Each hallmarked. Weight of the six : 207.3 gram



Seventeenth century silver box with enamelled plaque

Ca 1680 partially gilt silver box, the lid inset with a domed enamelled plaque. The plaque depicys a Saint holding a hammer and a nail. The box is marked undern...



Augsburg silver ecuelle

Augsburg 1759 silver ecuelle with lid. Inside with origianal fire gilding. Maker Friderick Schwestermuller. Weight : 330 gram



Seventeenth century silver gilt scissors case

English ca 1680 engraved silver gilt scissors case. The case is for a single scissors and a separate compartment for the sharpening stone. The "back" of the cas...



Eighteenth century Russian walrus ivory box

Eighteenth century ca 1770 Russian walrus ivory box. The box is pierced on all sides, the bottom is with some solid part...The box has metal hinges. the box is ...



Rare Antique Mahogany cased Cork Model of a Lighthouse

A rare 19th century cork model of the Eddystone lighthouse, which was designed by John Smeaton, within a glazed mahogany case surmounted by a turned finial, the...

Cary’s 21″ Library Globes


Cary’s 21″ Library Globes

A Pair of Cary's 21-inch Terrestrial and Celestial Library Globes. Each surmounted by a brass scale in a circular mahogany stand with four arched supports on ...



Rare German Silver Gilt Ewer (1659 to 1663 German)

A Rare German Silver Gilt Ewer; mark of Martin II Heuglin, Augsburg 1659 – 1663. The bowl with scroll handle and grotesque mask spout, on a spreading food and w...

Silver oil jar (2) (839x1280)


A rare Silver altar bottle for holy oil, Spanish c.1620

A rare Silver altar bottle for holy oil; Spanish c.1620; interlocking decoration and two biblical scenes engraved on the sides of the bottle; approx. height to ...

Goblet 1 (1066x1280)


A fine Silver gilt wine cup, German or Swiss c.1630

A fine Silver gilt wine cup, German or possibly Swiss c.1630; of heavy gauge metal cast in two pieces which screw together; the bowl and the foot are beautifull...

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A Spanish Colonial Antique Mother of pearl casket with silver mounts

A Spanish Colonial mother of pearl casket with silver mounts; 17th century Mexico.

Glass_and_enamel_bowl_6_l (1)


A Very Rare Venetian low footed Glass Bowl

A Very Rare Venetian low footed Glass Bowl, C.1500 – 1525; The shallow tray of the bowl moulded with a series of ribs radiating from the raised centre; the broa...

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A Little Indo Portuguese Silver and Parcel Gilt Box (17th Century Portugal)...

A little Indo – Potuguese Silver and Parcel Gilt Box with intricate pierced decoration, late 17th Century.



A Very Rare late 16th Century Brass Candlestick

A Very Rare late 16th Century Brass Candlestick; Spanish x. 1580; the ‘Moorish’ influence in the design is clear, particularly the twelve pointed drip pan which...



Silver Gilt Standing Salt English 1550

It was made c1550. The central rock crystal tube contains a gilt figure of Longinus, the Roman soldier who, legend has it, pierced Christ in the side when he wa...



Charles II Silver Wine Taster (1664 London)

A pretty little Charles II Silver Wine Taster of unusual design; fully hallmarked underneath for London 1664, the maker RL with rosette and pellets below – see ...

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A Very Rare Ottoman Table Box (Circa 1600)

A very rare Ottoman Table Box, the fall front opens to reveal an arrangement of 7 drawers; decorated throughout with differing patterns of tortoiseshell and mot...



An Extremely Rare Catalan Glass Holy Water Stoup

An Extremely Rare Catalan Glass Holy Water Stoup with reticello inclusions in the bowl; approx 12″ tall; Barcelona C.1600



A Rare Facon de Venise Bowl

A Rare Facon de Venise Bowl with reticello inclusions c.1600 probably bohemia



A Facon de Venise Clear Glass Roemer

A Facon de Venise Clear Glass Roemer, Approximately 7 inches in height; Dutch 1690; it has a flattened hollow bowl and four applies prunts around the stem, and ...

Scissors 1


Rare Pair of Charles I Silver Scissors (1635 to 1640 England)

An Extremely rare Charles I Silver Pair of Scissors, C1635-40; one of the earliest recorded pairs of silver scissors of the Albert Collection p.321; the steel b...

Scissors case 1


A Silver Gilt Scissor Case (1685 French)

A Silver Gilt Scissor Case, Makers mark for Pierre Harache: finely engraved with foliage, birds and animals and displaying craftsmanship of a quality to be expe...



A Rare Charles II Broad Rimmed Plate (1664 London)

A Rare Charles II Broad Rimmed Plate; fully hallmarked for London 1664; the maker TH conjoined – see Jacksons page 139; contemporary pinpricked initials HB WF a...



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